This is Creative Change

We believe that creativity is an essential force for the positive development in every society. By providing people with the right tools, the knowledge and inspiration to use their own creative force and be part of the change, we can help individuals, communities and society to become a better place.

We are all part of the Creative Change!


About Us

Creative Change is an international, independent non-profit organisation that wants to change young people’s lives, in developing countries, through creativity and photography.

Our vision is a better, more informed, more fair and more sustainable world, where art, culture and creativity are essential and natural parts in the development of society.

We believe that creativity, in all forms, is the strongest asset that everyone, no matter where and who they are, possess. Our goal is to nourish and feed that creativity in young adults and help them with the necessary tools to utilize their talents.

We do this through education and by supplying them with the necessary tools to become practising professional creatives.

Through this, we will also increase the availability of a broader variation of visual material from parts of the world that often get little attention. Thus we will be able to contribute to a more informed world with up to date stories.


”Training and equipment are the two biggest challenges we face as photographers. And once we
are working as photographers it’s very hard to make a living because people do not understand
the skill involved in photography and therefore do not value it as a service worth paying for.”

– Davina Jogi, President, Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers 


What We Do

We are creative professionals that want to use our experience and knowledge, to inspire and teach others how to fulfill their creative dreams.

We provide solutions to some of the challenges that exist for young adults seeking a future within creative indu­stries. Challenges include: lack of proficient education, no or substandard access to essential equipment and, difficult to make a living through photography.

Initially our focus will be on photography because we believe that the ability to create and share your images is one of the most powerful and most democratic tools in today’s world.

In close collaboration with local organisations and a global network of creative professionals we will offer education in creativity, photography and entrepreneurship

to young talents that lack the necessary means to pursue photography, as a career or a way to express their visionary talent and ideas. We will also equip them with the necessary tools they need to succeed.

Our participants’ work will be distributed through a digital platform, giving them an opportunity to reach a global audience.

We believe that we need to start looking at new and innovative ways to share our global resources. This is what we do at Creative Change. We use the resources, knowledge and experience that we have, and share it with people that need it.


How We Do It

We Educate, Supply and Mediate.
Creative Change's work is based on four different efforts:

Donation Campaigns

Educational programs

Donation Campaigns asking the public, professional photographers and companies to donate equipment such as cameras, photo equipment, software and other material related to photography of all levels.

Educational Programs where we supply students with the donated equipment and conduct courses about photography, creativity, and entrepreneurship. This is done in collaboration with both international and local organisations, entrepreneurs and photographers.

Digital Platform

Exhibitions & Auctions

Digital platform from which the participants can operate from. It serves as: a continuation of the education, a digital portfolio, and a commercial image bank. The image bank provides opportunities for the photographer to have their images marketed and sold on a global market.

Exhibitions & Auctions showcasing our participants work. Keep your eyes open for Creative Change’s exhibitions and auctions featuring our talented participants’ and collaborators.


Who We Are

We are an international network of creatives for creatives
with operational headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Alex Gjers


Karin Sturesson


Sylvia Ziemski

Simon Åhnberg

Oliver Kann

Advisory Board

Meet the members of our Advisory Board

Sten Rylander

Former diplomat, ambassador and head of Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)  with over 30 years’ working in Africa.

Mutua Matheka

Photographer. One of Africa’s most established and renowned photographers and a role model for many young aspiring creatives.

Davina Jogi 

Photojournalist, president and founder of Zimbabwe Association of Female Photographers (ZAFP). Works with international media trying to tell the untold stories of Zimbabwe.

Jens Assur

Photographer. One of Sweden’s most renowned photographers and an award winning director and photojournalist.

Anders Pettersson
Board member of UNICEF and the Executive Director of ECPAT Sweden. International experience working for Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and UNICEF.


“The media agenda on Africa needs to shift. Right now, Africa suffers in international media from ‘bad news syndrome.
’But while the continent faces challenges, part of the story has been missing. Right now too much of the news flow is ignoring
the good reason to solve these problems and include Africa as a central part of global growth in the 21st century.”

– Roland Schatz, founder and CEO of Media Tenor



Meet some of our creative professionals

Our educators consist of a global network of creative professionals. Photographers, photo editors, post-production artists, art buyers and entrepreneurs.
We work with international talent as well as local, providing both inspiration and the necessary know-how.
hannaHanna Heilborn
Educator, documentary film director, producer and writer. Co-owner of production comp. Story. Lecturer at several Art, Design and Film Schools.
johannaJohanna Syrén
Entrepreneur and founder of photo art institution Lokomotiv. Professional photographer, photo editor and photography teacher. 

joeJoe Were
Photographer and key member of One Touch Live, Kenya. Inspires young photographers through his creativity
and drive

majaMaja Flinck
Art- and commercial photographer with exhibitions in Lagos, Berlin, London and Stockholm.
felipeFelipe Morales
Photojournalist and part of Kontinent, a Swedish Photojournalist Agency. Works with personal projects based on social and humanitarian stories.
angelaAngela Jimu,
Director of ZAFP with a background in journalism and photography. Conducts citizen journalist training in Zimbabwe.

maxMax Modén
Commercial photographer with a focus on fashion. Editorial and advertising work for global magazines and brands.

Our Partners

Meet our inspiring and supporting partners

We collaborate with organisations, companies and talents that share our belief that we can create change in the world by providing the right tools to the right individuals.

We always look for interesting partnerships that create short and long term synergies for everyone involved.

A special thank you to:
Ida Norrby for giving us a great logotype and brand identity.
Mutua Matheka for letting us use some of his excellent photos.
Peter Rohmnée, fundraising expert, major donations, PEROHCON AB, for your advice and support.




Want to get involved?

Do you want to help us build a new creative platform for young adults in developing countries? Then we want to hear from you.

Do you want to discuss a partnership where we can mutually benefit from giving young adults the opportunity to create their own future? Then we want
to hear from you.

Are you a member of the press and want to write about us? Then we really
want to hear from you.

Are you interested in financially supporting us?
Then we most certainly want to hear from you.

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Photos: © Mutua Matheka and Alexander Gjers